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Looking for Elegance In A Young Way

zoom BOLSA VIAJE RETRO - Esenzia
zoom BOLSA VIAJE RETRO - Esenzia
zoom BOLSA VIAJE RETRO - Esenzia
zoom BOLSA VIAJE RETRO - Esenzia




Immerse yourself in the elegance of the past with our retro travel bag, a tribute to classic charm with a modern twist. Made from exquisite high-quality PVC and a distinctive matte finish, this bag combines contemporary durability with retro aesthetics.

Its nostalgic design evokes the golden age of travel, while the PVC construction provides water resistance and durability to meet the challenges of modern travel. With ample interior space, this bag is ideal for carrying your belongings in an organized and stylish way.

Front pocket with horizontal zipper.

Adjustable shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 45x18x29 cm.

Limited units.



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Finishing qualities

Important: Most of our garments have a high detail quality, it is recommended to always wash the garment with the design inside out and with the highest possible softness. We have never had any problems, we always recommend a gentle wash anyway.

Customize your garment

All our garments are unique, but in many of our products even more, since you can customize many aspects of each product. Which ones? In all those where you have a personalized option on the product page. Remember that all personalized products have a longer shipping time, since we do it by hand and directly for you.

We look for elegance in a young way🕺🏻

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