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Extra customised city


¡CUIDADO! Si estás dentro de un producto personalizable, elige bien las opciones y mira que todos los datos necesarios están incluidos. No podrás volver atrás una vez pagada/s la/s prenda/s

Extra customised city


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Finish qualities

important: Most of our garments have a high quality of detail, it is recommended to always wash the clothes with the design inside out and with the highest softness possible. We have never had any problems, we also always recommend a gentle wash.

Customize your garment

All our garments are unique, but in many of our products even more so, since you can customize many aspects of each product. Which ones, in all those where on the product page you have a personalized option. Remember that all personalized products have a longer shipping time, since we do it by hand and directly for you.i.

We look for elegance in a young way🕺🏻

Join the movement, we are already more than 85,000 on Instagram and more than 100,000 if we count all the social networks. All this in less than two years! clickhere to take a look at our instagram profile.


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