zoom POLAR CIUDADES 1/4 VERDE - Esenzia
zoom POLAR CIUDADES 1/4 VERDE - Esenzia
zoom POLAR CIUDADES 1/4 VERDE - Esenzia
zoom POLAR CIUDADES 1/4 VERDE - Esenzia




300 g/m² green fleece. Antipilin micropolar finish to prevent the appearance of "pilling". Full zip. Elastic cuffs and adjustable drawstring waist. They say our linings are the best for a reason!

How can I personalize my fleece?

You can customize the embroidery of the fleece to your liking with the city you want. In the section "CHOOSE YOUR CITY HERE" we offer a list with all the cities in Spain. If the city you want does not appear on the list, select the "CUSTOM CITY" option. The design has the embroidered Spanish flag by default, this is also customizable. If you want to embroider a flag other than the Spanish one, you can change it in the "CHOOSE YOUR FLAG" section. If you want to make your fleece even more special, you can embroider your initials on the left side of the chest. You just have to check the box and write them in the box.

María measures 1.67 and wears a size L. Pedro measures 1.87 and wears a size 2XL.

About Esenzia™

We are a Spanish brand, born in Seville, with totally own and handmade production. All of our products are of above average quality. Remember that we have two physical stores in Seville, do not hesitate to visit us if you have the opportunity!

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Thank you very much for trusting in Esenzia ™.



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Finishing qualities

Important: Most of our garments have a high detail quality, it is recommended to always wash the garment with the design inside out and with the highest possible softness. We have never had any problems, we always recommend a gentle wash anyway.

Customize your garment

All our garments are unique, but in many of our products even more, since you can customize many aspects of each product. Which ones? In all those where you have a personalized option on the product page. Remember that all personalized products have a longer shipping time, since we do it by hand and directly for you.

We look for elegance in a young way🕺🏻

Join the movement, we are already more than 85,000 on Instagram and more than 100,000 if we count all the social networks. All this in less than two years! Click here to take a look at our instagram profile.


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